Hello everybody! I don't know how to start this kind of stuff >:l so let's go to the part when I tell you about what you will see here in my tumblr; you will see The Adventures of Tintin, Disney (mostly), sometimes Kingdom Hearts, Shingeki No Kyojin (I tag spoilers), Rise of the Guardians, The Big 4/Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons, Harry Potter, Non/Disney movies, Dreamworks, Full Metal Alchemist, Howl's Moving Castle, Warrior U, Todd Allison and Petunia Violet, random stuff or things that make me laugh or find inspiring, my personal thoughts and cosplay. And I think that's it (I think...). I hope you enjoy all the things I share here because my tumblr is only me and the things I like/dislike/make me smile/etc and my thoughts. Well, I hope you have a wonderful day/night!

And then I just get sad for really stupid things. I’m going to watch The Nostalgia Critic, that will cheer me up.

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